The Coastguard Station Album

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The Atlantic (33,650 bytes)Clifden Bay (30,664 bytes)D'Arcey Castle Gate (48,941 bytes)The Boathouse (32,956 bytes)D'Arcey castle (33,756 bytes)
The Coastguard Station in the 19th Century (32,718 bytes)A bedroom in one of the Townhouses (13,895 bytes)The Coastguard Station just before rebuilding (43,085 bytes)Interior of one of he Townhouses (21,072 bytes)Townhouse fireplace (32,386 bytes)
Townhouse bedroom (43,160 bytes)Townhouse kitchen (30,918 bytes)One of the three bedrooms in the Officers House (35,347 bytes)Kitchen in the Officer's House (39,411 bytes)Dining area in the Officers House (33,431 bytes)
Kitchen in the Tower (33,216 bytes)Dining area in the Tower (38,725 bytes)Sitting area in the Tower (27,978 bytes)Window seat in the Tower (27,600 bytes)Fireplace in the Tower (41,403 bytes)
Errislannan Point (18,472 bytes)Gortrioma (43,743 bytes)Entrance to D'Arcey Castle (31,108 bytes)D'Arcey Castle (38,613 bytes)Mullarkey's Hill (37,216 bytes)
Scardan (34,720 bytes)Sea erosion visible on the cliffs (39,038 bytes)Sky Road cliffs (35,248 bytes)The sea from the Sky Road (34,184 bytes) Winter Sunset (16,082 bytes)
Summer morning (25,820 bytes)